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We are video storytellers specializing in brand communications. We create engaging visual stories that help drive your business, motivate others to action, entertain, inform and educate. Our promise is to create stories worth sharing. What story are you trying to tell and what does it mean to you?

What makes a good story?
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What Can A Video Communications Agency Do For You?

We can help elevate your brand through video. We can help your brand or business tell your story.

Making Great Videos

FlashFrame Digital is Canada’s preeminent digital storytelling agency. We are a video storytelling agency specializing in brand communications. A team of marketing and communications professional and video production experts. Our services include: brand strategy, creative development and execution.

What We Do:
We help brands and organizations tell their story and connect with their audiences in new and better ways. We combine the power of digital video and social technologies with a story-driven, and people-centric approach to communications.
We help clients meet their business goals with video-based solutions.

How We Do It:
We provide a full-service model for our clients made up of experts in the following areas
• Communication and Brand Development Strategies
• Creative Ideation and Conceptualization
• Video Production

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TEAM of Champions

This is what happens when brand strategists meet videographers, who know editors who love motion graphics and special effects, who hang out with creative directors, sound designers and marketers. You get a team of champions.

Tristan Moran: Editor and Storitorial Chief

The "kernel of truth," as Tristan likes to call it, is the moment a story begins. Tristan has the uncanny ability to find the story within a story, and is an exceptional editor and story maker. His intelligence and wit makes everyday an exciting day in the studio -- even when he's working like a dog.

Alex Heaslip: Bumblebee man, Videographer and Editor

Many words have been used to describe Alex: Charming, Resourceful, Tech Savvy, Inventive, Imaginative, Fanatical Belieber. When asked to describe himself in a single word, Alex whispered, "Crypto-mysterio."

Alex is a talented and award-winning videographer and editor. A self-described "veritable well of creative ingenuity and flatulence," he makes the impossible possible. With his eye for creative storytelling and technological expertise, Alex will see your video through from concept to creation.

Marc Barsanti: CFO and Bean Counter

Marc isn't your average CFO: he loves to count beans, but he's not a nerd. He's a fiercely competitive hockey player and a super star dad who loves to analyze the stats. He keeps our business and your business on track and headed in the right direction. He's more than a numbers guy -- he's our secret weapon.

Smuckers: Actress, Support Services and Ball Chaser

She's smart, she's fast and she has a keen eye for bouncy things. Smuckers lives to tell the tale (with no tail), and has appeared in several of our main productions over the past few years. She is often found in the office quietly observing everybody in hopes of finding some food on the ground to snack on. Her support and friendly wiggle is always there to greet you, and is one of the many reasons she is part of the family.

Cooper: The Enforcer and Couch Guard

He's got short legs, a loud voice and a big heart when it comes to being part of the team. Enthusiastically, he greets us with a friendly hello and then returns to the comfort of his bed or a patch of carpet for his afternoon nap. He enjoys snacks, scraps and the odd squeaky toy, and keeps us company on late night projects and edits. Without Cooper we would never know when a delivery is being made or when it's time for the 5 o'clock walk.

Renee Perrin: Production Manager/Bionic Woman

Lightening speed e-mail response time, super-mom to 3 active boys, and future marathon runner. While contributing creative ideas to projects, it's Renee's super-human multi-tasking and organizational skills that keep the projects flowing at Flashframe, ensuring that all client needs are met, and allowing our videographers and editors to focus on your story.

Lee De Lang: Founder/President/Head Dude

Lee is a man with a mountain bike, a camera and an idea...he wanted to create a company that was the very best at telling and creating video stories. He is a tough mudder at heart and a man of few words who knows how great visuals can inspire emotions and connect people.

Bob Holt: Motion Graphics Magician/EPL Super Fan

Bob-o is a man who enjoys a good cuppa tea next to his keyboard in the morning. He has a talented eye for cutting edge effects and a gift for contemporary stylized editing. He brings fresh new ideas and thinking to the studio, along with his love of the English Premier Football League. His true passion is for blowing things up on screen, and keeping his animation tricks a mystery.

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Social Media/Web

LEAGUE Personal Health App

Social Media/Web

Canadian Athletic Therapists Association: Triumph

Social Media/Web

Canadian Athletic Therapists Association: Sunrise

Social Media Videos

The Hook

Social Media Videos

The Chase

Brand Content

Flip The BIrd

How easy is it to set up your new TV? Your grandmother could do it.

Promo Video

Tim Horton's Dueling Doughnuts YUM


Motion Graphics FX

Bruce and Bernie

How to take complex subject matter and make digestible for the masses. Educate - Enchant - Engage - Empower.

Mini Documentary

Maria's Story of What Makes The Game Beautiful

The power of sport brings family together to celebrate culture and heritage.

Mini Documentary

Michel's Story and What Makes The Game Beautiful

Stories about people and their experiences are what makes the game beautiful and is the true power of sport.

Motion Graphics FX

The Magic of Motion Graphics

How'd we do that?

Small Business Video

Videos Help Build Small Businesses

Building a community of entrepreneurs and sharing their stories through video, grows businesses.

Live Action, Promotional Video

Cooking With Uncle Ben's

Ben's Beginners. Cook and learn with Uncle Ben's contest.

Music Video

All My Love, David Leask

This is our first official music video. We developed the concept of a love story within the love song, then shot, edited, and did all the post production.

Motion Graphics - Educational

CAA and Winter Driving Tips

Designed to help Canadians prepare for the harsh winters, this quick motion graphics video reminds drivers of the basics and to get ready for the road ahead.

Live Action - Sponsorship Activation

The Story of Teamwork

A video series that tells the long road to the Olympics and ultimately the secrets that go into creating a uniform. The story begins with the partnership, shared values and the uniform reveal. Part III

Celebrity Endorsement

Kobo - Chris Hadfield

What inspires you to read? Or who/what was the first book or story that moved you? Celebrities tell their story and what inspired them to read making them who they are today.

Public and Private Sector - Live Action & Motion Graphics

Bruce Power 2040 Vision

How does a major player in Ontario conveys its complex plans for the future? It tells a compelling story of the relevancy of power in our lives and how it is thinking about the future, today.

Sizzle Reel, Brand Storytelling

Target Canada World MasterCard Fashion Week Runway Show

It just makes you want to strut your stuff! This brand sizzle reel was designed to showcase not only Target's fashion sense, but also to amplify their sponsorship activation. For this video, we created a custom piece of music, at the request of Target Canada, for their brand communication. Just one of the details we can add to video production to tell a better brand story.

Live Action - Sponsorship Activation

Under Armour and Canada Snowboard

The beginning of the adventure, brining two powerful brands together with one common goal. To be the best . A video series that tells the long road to the Olympics and ultimately the secrets that go into creating a uniform. The story begins with the partnership. Part I

Parody - Target Specific Communications

The Humber Games

A fun and entertaining way to connect with a specific target audience in their language. It communicates and informs with a call to action working with a theme that is very relevant to the demographic. Will you rise up?

Sponsorship Activation - Inspiring Kids

Sports Chek Hockey Dream

What better way to inspire kids to believe in the dream? Make the dream come true.

Motion Capture

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Motion capture for a new video game? Absolutely any guy's dream job and we did it.